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Flamingo Animation Representing Aron Universal's Excellence in Fluorescent Products
Flamingo Animation Representing Aron Universal's Excellence in Fluorescent Products

Water based Fluorescent pigment Dispersion manufacturers

ARON Universal is one of India’s dominant pigment manufacturers. offers a plethora of options in water-based pigments. Our water-based pigment dispersions have a wide variety of applications. Coatings, Paints, Arts & Crafts, Textiles,Seed Coating etc.

We specialize in providing custom-made water-based fluorescent pigment dispersions while offering optimized solutions to help you derive maximum value.



ARON Universal both manufactures and supplies a host of water-based pigments with greater compatibility for improving product performance. Water-based pigment dispersions are used in textiles, paints, Coatings, Arts & Crafts, and Latex products – to list a few.

Once you approach us for your requirement of water-based pigments, we will appoint a technical sales representative to cater to your demands. We have detailed discussions with your team to understand your requirements thoroughly. Thereafter, we manufacture the water-based pigments as per your specifications for the best compatibility.

Colorful PVC coating pigments for enhanced durability

Top Reasons to Choose ARON Universal’s Water-based Pigments

1)  Assorted Collection

ARON is a premier name in water-based pigment manufacturers and our product range includes fluorescent color options. Contact us for bold colors or light shades depending on your water-based paint applications.

2)  Skillful Pigment Dispersion

Paint manufacturing entails achieving color consistency. We have gained expertise in pigment dispersion and uniform distribution of pigments (including fluorescent shades) for premium water-based paints.

3)  Environmental-Friendly Measures

Our stock of water-based pigments is eco-friendly, which means they are safe for your products and our surroundings. We follow sustainable manufacturing practices as part of our environmental conversation efforts.

ARON Universal’s Versatile Range of Water-based Fluorescent Pigments

Our range of water-based pigments has uses in various water-based paint applications, including coatings, interior surfaces, and industrial fabrics, industrial paints, Speciality paints.

1)  Creative Expression

Get creative with our water-based pigments and unleash your artistic side.

2)  Industrial Coatings

Protective gear, industrial textiles, and automotive interiors become more durable and tend to retain their color with our pigments.

3)  Architectural Coatings

We welcome you to apply our pigments and pigment dispersion solutions that can be optimized for your processes. Make ARON Universal your trusted supplier of paints conforming to global standards.


1)  Superior Quality Water Based Fluorescent Pigments

As India’s premier water-based pigments manufacturers, our selection of water-based fluorescent pigments meets the best industry standards. Our raw materials come with the guarantee of durability, consistency, and vibrancy. Come and scan our varied colors and you are sure to find ones that are best-suited to your water-based applications. We offer a bevy of vibrant fluorescent water-based pigments that attract users’ attention, adding shine and gleam to your projects and products.

2)  Expert Dispersion Technology

Our coloring professionals specialize in expert dispersion technology for even pigment distribution at the micro level, leading to color consistency and excellence.

3)  Eco-Friendly Practices

We prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness in our processes in our role as India’s leading water-based pigments manufacturers.

Various Applications of Water-based Pigments

The applications of water-based pigments cover all coloring areas, including

1)  Water-based Textile Printing: Rubber printing, flat screen printing, rotary screen printing, water paste printing, and non-woven printing.

2) Water-based Arts & Crafts: Wood painting, canvas painting, Clay colouring,wax, poster coloring,acrylic paints.

3) Water-based Paper Coating: Coated bond paper, coated matte paper, and coated silk paper have applications in ice cream boxes, food wrappers, and among others.

4) Water-based Textile Inks: T-shirts, sportswear, banners, flags, designer wear, upholstery, and soft signage.

5) Water-based Silk Screening Inks: T-shirts, canvases, posters, plastic surfaces, ceramic painting, glass painting, and wood painting.

6) Water-based Flexo and Gravure Inks: Flexible packaging composed of plastic and aluminium have uses in beverage packing, pet food packaging, hygiene products, aluminium lids, and shrink sleeves.

7) Water-based Paints: Water-based metal paint and water-based anti-corrosion coatings.


ARON Universal comes with the promise of unwavering quality commitment, a wide range of quality products, innovation, and sustainability practices.

1)  Focus on Quality

Our ISO 9001-14001 certifications demonstrate our efforts toward achieving quality excellence while delivering durable and efficient products.

2)  Customized Solutions

We understand that our clients demand personalized solutions for their specialized formulations. Hence, we provide custom-made solutions tailored to your unique needs as a trustworthy name among water-based pigments manufacturers.

3)  Educative Tutorials

At ARON Universal, we share knowledge about the technical aspects of our product range to help you make informed decisions while delivering optimum value for your investment in our raw materials.