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Flamingo Animation Representing Aron Universal's Excellence in Fluorescent Products
Flamingo Animation Representing Aron Universal's Excellence in Fluorescent Products

High-Performance Pigments for Plastic

Welcome to Aron Universal for high quality pigments specially designed for plastics. As pioneers in the field of pigments for plastics, we are dedicated to delivering top tier products that will transform your plastic based applications.

Here, we understand the unique demands of the plastics industry, and our pigments are customised in that way to meet these needs effectively. 

The Versatility of Plastic Pigments

Our range of pigments for plastic is as diverse as the applications they serve. From vibrant and UV stable colorants for outdoor plastics to FDA compliant options for the food industry, our pigments cover a wide spectrum of uses.

Fluorescent Pigment Brilliance

A unique feature of our product line is the inclusion of fluorescent pigments. These specialized colorants add an exciting and vivid dimension to your plastic creations. Whether you’re working on toys, packaging, or promotional items, our fluorescent pigments make your designs pop, especially under various lighting conditions.

We take pride in our pigment dispersion capabilities, ensuring that our pigments blend seamlessly with your plastics, providing consistent color results and superior performance. Our formulations are engineered to save you time and effort in the manufacturing process.

Quality and Reliability

Quality is our hallmark. We adhere to stringent quality control procedures to ensure that our pigments for plastics meet the highest industry standards, providing you with the assurance of quality and reliability.

Discover how our products can transform your plastic applications. Contact us today to learn more and start  a colorful journey with Aron Universal.