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Flamingo Daylight Fluorescent Pigments

IX AS J pigments are thermoplastic fluorescent pigments recommended for use in a wide range of applications where resistance to strong solvents is not required. These are especially useful for water-based systems.

* Technical Information

Bulk Density0.25 – 0.30 gm/cc
Softening Point135 – 145°C
Av. Particle Size2.5 – 4.0 Microns
Thermal Stability 210°C
Oil Absorption Value50 – 60 gm/100 g of pigment
pH (10% aq. Solution)7 – 8

* Typical Values

   Certificate of Analysis (COA) available on request


Delivery Form

  • Powder

Colour Range:

Yellow IX AS 11 J
Green IX AS 12 J
Chrome IX AS 13 J
Orange IX AS 14 J
Red Orange IX AS 15 J
Red IX AS 16 J


Pink IX AS 17 J
Pink (B) IX AS 17 J
Magenta IX AS 18 J
Red Voilet IX AS 19 J
Royal Blue IX AS 20 J

* The shades offered are indicative only                                          

   For exact shades please contact Aron

Regulatory Compliance

  • TSCA
  • ROHS
  • EN-71 Part 3


Store the material in the closed original packaging in a dry place at ambient temperature.

Colour Range:

Yellow IXAS-11 J
Green IXAS-12 J
Chrome IXAS-13 J
Orange IXAS-14 J
Red Orange   IXAS-15 J
Red   IXAS-16 J

Pink IXAS-17 J
Pink (B) IXAS-17 J
Magenta IXAS-18 J
Red Voilet   IXAS-19 J
Royal Blue   IXAS-20 J

Regulatory Compliance

  • TSCA
  • ROHS
  • EN-71 Part 3

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