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Flamingo Animation Representing Aron Universal's Excellence in Fluorescent Products
Flamingo Animation Representing Aron Universal's Excellence in Fluorescent Products

Radiant Pigments

Radiant Pigments for High-Quality Solutions

ARON Universal is a renowned name among suppliers of quality radiant pigments. Our focus on sustainability and creativity makes us a formidable player in the world of fluorescent colors. We offer customized pigment solutions to meet your distinctive needs for color combinations and formulations.

Radiant pigments are much brighter as compared to normal colors and this makes them the preferred choice for publicity, advertising safety clothing, branding ,pop material (Point of Purchase) and warning signs.

The uniqueness of fluorescent colors lies in their ability to absorb ultraviolet light and their brightly lit emission to create a gleaming effect that attracts attention.

Radiant pigments can be used in pure form or combined with other hues, widening the scope for newer color possibilities.

At ARON Universal, we believe that fluorescent colors inject life into designs. If you are a manufacturer seeking radiant pigments, contact us to know your available options to liven up your projects or products.

Radiant pigments have the following applications:


Radiant pigments shine bright, which makes them viewable from a long distance. They have applications in the paint industry for paints used in advertising signs, fire engines, ambulances, clay pigeons, and aerosols.


The luminosity of radiant pigments has uses in the paper, sticky notes and decorative items industries because of its greater visibility benefits.


When it comes to printed fibers, pure or halftone radiant pigments can be combined with conventional shades for a fresh look, offering a variety of color choices and combinations.


In the graphic arts field, radiant pigments have applications in safety labeling, posters, printing, packaging, small labels, large screen-printed panels, and stationary.

At ARON Universal, we stock a range of pigments for water-based inks, solvent-based inks, and ink bases for offset applications (RBA and RBG).


Sports articles, packaging materials, toys, and traffic cones are among applications of radiant pigments in the plastics industry.


Radiant pigments come in use to manufacture various traditional water-based and oil-based cosmetic products, including lotions, soaps, blushes, and lipsticks.


ARON Universal offers a variety of radiant pigments having applications in several industries, including textiles, cosmetics, plastics, coatings, and printing inks. We have a presence in more than 65 countries worldwide, catering to local enterprises and global corporations.

We are an ISO 9001- 14001 certified company, displaying our commitment to meet the highest quality and performance standards.

We stock a broad range of fluorescent pigments and colors, serving the diverse color needs of multiple industries. Whether you require fluorescent pigments for applications in coatings, plastics, printing, or textiles, ARON Universal has the ideal fluorescent solution for you.