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Flamingo Animation Representing Aron Universal's Excellence in Fluorescent Products
Flamingo Animation Representing Aron Universal's Excellence in Fluorescent Products

Security Inks - Expert Solutions

Security inks have applications when it comes to authenticating your document while being part of quality security design. They come with additional safety benefits for your documents, including protecting them from environmental factors. At ARON Universal, you have an extensive range of security inks to take your pick from, depending on your purpose.

Maintaining the confidentiality of documents is the priority of all businesses. ARON Universal understands your unique needs to safeguard your documents to maintain a competitive edge. Therefore, we offer a range of security inks to match your distinctive requirements to preserve the sanctity of your documents.

Security inks add an extra layer of security to documents, printed labels, and packaging. This protects them from any counterfeiting or fraudulent attempts.

With counterfeiters relying on advanced technologies to permeate supply chains and showcase fake products as genuine ones, security inks come to the rescue of businesses when it comes to the protection of their confidential documents and labels.

During present times when data is crucial to the success of any business, security inks serve as the best line of defense against counterfeiting and pilferage. Security ink technology has gained prominence because it helps to secure critical information while maintaining the integrity of information and products.

Notwithstanding the ingenious efforts of fraudsters, security inks are equipped to thwart any of their manipulations. 


ARON offers a plethora of options in security inks, preventing any type of counterfeiting attempts. Also, security inks serve a range of purposes. Hence, ARON recommends opting for security inks going by their application.

Security inks have uses in supply chain management, the pharmaceutical industry, and industrial printing. Among the common printing applications for security inks are Tax Stamps, Documentation, Food Packing, Anti-forging of Designer Goods, Pharmaceutical Packaging, and Gaming Tickets.

Manufacturers can use security inks for protection from product tampering or piracy. Government bodies can apply security inks on tax stamps, currency notes, travel documents, or labels to counter fraud and counterfeiting.


ARON Universal is one of India’s leading manufacturers of security inks. Our ISO 9001-2000 certification is a testimony to our commitment to quality excellence. We understand that each business has varying document-security needs and we provide customized solutions to match your needs suitably.

We are also committed to sustainability practices while following eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

We supply our wide variety of security inks to both local enterprises and international companies globally. Contact our experts to know the different types of security inks we manufacture. Furthermore, discuss your requirements for security inks with our specialists and they will find the perfect solution for you.