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Flamingo Animation Representing Aron Universal's Excellence in Fluorescent Products
Flamingo Animation Representing Aron Universal's Excellence in Fluorescent Products

Fluorescent Pigment Manufacturers and Pigment Suppliers - Aron Universal

ARON Universal Limited is a premier name in the fluorescent pigment and color industry. As a renowned pigment manufacturer, ARON started operations in 1974 and our headquarters are based in Bangalore, India. We, at ARON, one of India’s top-notch fluorescent pigment suppliers, produce and export an array of fluorescent products, including Fluorescent Inks, Fluorescent Pigments, Fluorescent Dispersion, Pigment Dispersion, and Fluorescent Toners, among others. We strive for creativity, quality, and sustainability, which makes us stand out in the world of fluorescent colors. We are now exporting our extensive range of fluorescent products to more than 60 countries globally.

Explore Our Array of Fluorescent Products

As pigment suppliers and pigment manufacturers, ARON offers a variety of fluorescent products. These include Fluorescent Inks, Fluorescent Dispersions, Fluorescent Pigments, Fluorescent Solvent Soluble Colorants, Fluorescent Formaldehyde-free / Non-Toxic Products, Fluorescent Dyes, and Fluorescent Ink Bases.

Given that technological advancements have revolutionized businesses, ARON, among India’s prominent pigment suppliers, has gained expertise in developing many pioneering products in the fluorescent pigment and color industry. These include Formaldehyde-free products, New Polymer Technology products, Fugitive Colors for Forest Fire Applications, Crack Detection, Low Formaldehyde Products, and Anti-Counterfeit products. Along with that, we have been successful in launching some non-fluorescent color products to serve the specific requirements of varied industries.

Showcase of Aron Universal's Esteemed Fluorescent Offset Ink

ARON Universal - A Trusted Name in Quality Fluorescent Products

ARON is committed to devising quality products while conducting stringent quality checks at all production stages. As leading pigment suppliers, ARON prioritizes quality and we are committed to maintaining the superior performance of our products.

While focusing on innovations in the realm of fluorescent colors, we direct our efforts toward maintaining premium quality standards with optimal use of resources.

ARON, one of India’s dominant pigment manufacturers, has the technical know-how to develop a wide variety of product lines while adhering to global quality standards. We are equipped to produce a range of products having applications in niche markets via advanced infrastructure and technology.

Our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications complying with REACH standards are marks of our quality assurance.

At ARON, we endeavor to provide value-added services to our esteemed clientele and our focus is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with employees, clients, and stakeholders.

In all, we, in our role as a customer-centric company, address crucial areas including Dependable Quality, On-time Delivery, and Competitive Prices, all of which help to create a productive workplace promoting employee and customer satisfaction.

Fluorescent Pigments - Combining the Power of Color and Light

Fluorescent pigments embody artistic expression and technical brilliance. Professionals from different industries use this potent tool to create a variety of products catering to customers’ varied color requirements.

ARON, one of India’s reputed pigment manufacturers, caters to the fluorescent product needs of multiple industries, which use them in a wide range of applications, as seen herein:

  • Textiles: When it comes to the fashion or textile industry, our pigments are used in fabrics to create a variety of designs.
  • Printing and Graphics: Be it packaging or posters, our pigments bring about vibrancy in designs.
  • Plastics: Our pigments have applications in the plastic industry whereby the combination of products and colors leads to attractive patterns.
  • Coatings and Paints: The automotive and construction industries require pigments for spectacular and robust finishing touches in their products and projects.
  • Art & Craft: Artists and craftsmen apply our pigments to infuse life in their creative designs.
  • Education & Safety: Our pigments are utilized in safety boards and educational material for higher visibility and effective communication.
  • Digital Printing: While being compatible with digital printing technology, our pigments enable greater personalization of products.
  • Printing Inks: Besides fluorescent offset inks, our range of products includes pigments and toners that have uses in Flexo and Gravure inks.
  • Highlighter Inks: In stationery items and office supplies, our bevy of products have applications in highlighter inks to develop robust and striking designs.
  • Dispersion: From seed coating to textiles to rubber, our various fluorescent dispersion products have applications in different industries. Our suite of house pigment dispersions promise vibrancy and consistency while having applications in Arts & Craft, Personal Care, Textiles, Coating, Rubber, Seed Coating, and Soaps.

Conclusion: Discover Aron Universal’s Superior Range of Fluorescent Colors

By choosing ARON Universal, a pioneering name in pigment manufacturers and pigment suppliers, you can be assured of quality fluorescent products. Whether you are looking to increase your brand’s visibility or liven up your designs, our pigments make it possible. Come and scan our range of pigments while choosing the best-suited fluorescent colors for your projects.