” Fluorescent Colour means everything to us and we recognize their significance. Fluorescent Colours are not just materials with visual perceptual property but a source of power that conveys feeling. Our actions and responses can be swayed by colour that symbolizes the essence of life “.

We are inspired at Aron Universal Ltd to create new colours for a brighter life.

Aron Universal Ltd. is a market leader of daylight Fluorescent pigments, Fluorescent bases and Fluorescent inks. We are pioneers in creating new colours for a great many uses.

We have been constantly reinventing ourselves since inception with the latest technology and practices. Our aim has been to further our contribution in the existing domains and we have positively ventured into newer territories.

We have developed and manufactured innovative products for security inks, crack detection, fugitive colours for fire applications and many other specific applications.

Wide range of Fluorescent pigments, Fluorescent bases and Fluorescent inks  for various industries like Textiles, Paper coatings, Rubber, Inks, Paints, Plastics, clay modelling, murti/ idols etc. are manufactured by Aron Universal Ltd.

Aron Universal’s high quality Fluorescent pigment products and Fluorescent dispersions are NON TOXIC and ECO FRIENDLY. Our Fluorescent pigments and Fluorescent dispersions conforms with European Safety Standards.Additionally, Fluorescent pigments and Fluorescent dispersion’s are compliant with EN-71 and ROHS tests.

Aron Universal Ltd. offers Fluorescent pigments, Fluorescent bases, Fluorescent inks and Fluorescent dyes and other products of superior quality and is relentlessly absorbed in the endeavour to create and develop world class Daylight Fluorescent colours.

You have arrived at the one stop shop for all the colour you are looking for and we have the ability to supply our products where ever they are required.